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Perfect for your car, the beach, your tractor, RV and more!


The KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder

It all really starts when you slip your KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder into your current cup holder. Regardless of if your driving your RV, your Boat, your 4-wheel, truck, Golf cart, or your Automobile, the  KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder will provide it's unique support and spill catching and storing abilities along the way.  

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KAZeKUP® has 5 accessories so you can use it everwhere!

Read on below and you will quickly see how useful the KAZeKUP can be.

Use it on your desk

KAZeKUP Clip on cup holder clamps to many surfaces providing a convenient way to hold your beverages

 The KAZeKUP can easily clip on in many useful places.
Simply attach the KAZeKLAMP™ 1" spring clamp to the bottom of your KAZeKUP and you can use this convenient Cup Holder just about anywhere. 

The KAZeKUP® has 5 accessories so it can be used everywhere you need a realiable cup holder

Keep your drink close by and ready to be enjoyed with the

 KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder

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Use it in your yard


The Camping stake is a great addition to the KAZeKUP Cup Holder allowing you to place your drink along side you at ballgames, festivals, camping and more. All accessories easily attach and detach.

Use it on metal surfaces


The Magnetic adapter makes it easy to add a strong magnetic KAZeKUP cup holder to your tractor or lawnmowers. Also works great on tool boxes, in shops and garages. Makes unique gifts idea for mechanics, truck drivers, machine operators, handymen and more.

Use it on your deck or tailgating party


You can use this awesome cup holder ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE!  

The Tailgate stand provides a free standing cup holder that can be put along side of you no matter where you are. Perfect for tailgating and barbecues 

Use it at the beach

Beach cup holder holds your drink out of the hot messy sand at the beach. KAZeKUP Beach Drink Holder

Enjoy your KAZeKUP® cup holder at the beach. A great addition for every beach outing.  the KAZeKUP will protect your drink from the wind and sand and allow you to hold  other items a well.

The KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder

The Better Connecticut Show

Scot Haney of the Better Connecticut Show interviews the inventor and manufacturer of the KAZeKUP® Cup Holder. See how the KAZeKUP and all it's accessories provide an easy way to keep your beverages close by.