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The KAZeKUP® Ultimate Cup Holder has gone magnetic!


Add A strong Magnetic Cup Holder to your metal surfaces with ease.
Great for your toolbox, tractor, the laundry room, shop, on heavy equipment and more. 

Mechanics tell us it makes a great place to hold spray paint cans, lubricants, and other messy items too.

The Magnetic Cup Holder comes in a horizontal mount (standard) and a vertical mount (90 degree) helping you in every situation. 

The KAZeKUP Magnetic Cup Holder is easy to use and easy to clean.

The Magnetic Cup Holder is the perfect addition to any tractor, tool box, filing cabinet and much, much, more.

The KAZeKUP magnetic drink holder is offered in two convenient styles.

The "Standard Magnet" adapter is used for horizontal surface mounting and the "90 degree" magnetic adapter is used for vertical surface mounting. 

The magnets easily remove from the KAZeKUP and the KAZeKUP is dishwasher safe.

Now it's easy to have your cup holder where you always needed it!


Here are few of the questions we have been asked about the KAZ e KUP® magnetic cup holder.

If you have any question please let us know. We love to help.

Will I still be able to use the KAZ e KUP for other purposes once I use the magnetic cup holder adapter on it?

You sure can. All the accessories for the KAZ e KUP have been designed to be easily added and removed from the KAZ e KUP® base allowing you to use your KUP with any of our accessories or with no accessories at all.

How Strong is the Magnet?

Made with a 2 5/8" Diameter encased ceramic magnet measuring 3/8" thick the magnetic cup holder adapter has a 80 LB pull rating. Plenty strong to hold your beverages firmly but also easy to remove when you want to take it off and move it somewhere else.

What is the difference between the "standard" and the "90 degree" magnetic cup holder adapters?

The standard magnetic cup holder adapter is used on horizontal surfaces (flat) and the 90 degree magnetic cup holder adapter is used on vertical surfaces (up and down).

Can I use this on my Motorcycle?
We really do not recommend this to be used on street bikes that will be on the roadways but it definitely has many uses for all terrain vehicles, atv's and other off road vehicles.

Let us know your question. We are happy to help.