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Keep your car clean with The KAZeKUP® Cup Holder

Keep your car clean with The KAZeKUP® Cup HolderKeep your car clean with The KAZeKUP® Cup HolderKeep your car clean with The KAZeKUP® Cup Holder

Easy to use and clean

 NO TOOLS REQUIRED, NO SPECIAL CUPS NEEDED, you simply slip the KAZ e KUP® Portable CupHolder into your current cup holder and let it do its job.

It will only take a few seconds to put the KAZ e KUP® in place and will ultimately save you hours of time in costly clean ups and frustration!
The KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder improves any cup holders function by better stabilizing the held container while catching and storing any spilled fluids or condensation that may occur.  

THE KAZeKUP® Has 5 Accessories  Available Too!


Did you know the KAZeKUP has 5 different accessories you can use to allow you to use your KAZeKUP everywhere. Check out the super strong magnetic adapters that can work with your KUP. Maybe you prefer a clip on cup holder or a self standing cup holder. Or perhaps a cup holder for the beach? The KAZeKUP is the most versatile cup holder ever created and offers the perfect solution for keeping your drink close by no matter where you are.

More About The KAZeKUP

The KAZeKUP® Ultimate Cup Holder provides the perfect solution to hold your favorite beverages. 

Are your looking for better cup holders for your car, truck, boat, RV or tractor? The KAZeKUP was designed to help solve the most common cup holder problems.

 If your drink holders are the wrong size for your favorite drink or your cup holders have become a nasty mess due to spills and condensation, simply add a KAZeKUP portable cup holder to your existing cup holder and solve all your cup holder problems at once. 

Easy to use and easy to clean.