The most versatile cup holder ever created!

More GREAT uses for the KAZ e KUP Portable Cup Holder

             There are endless ways that you can use your new     
KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder.
Improving your current car or truck cup holder is really just where it all starts.


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 accessories that can be used with your KAZeKUP cup holder

Nowadays there are cup holders everywhere.
 I mean everywhere.

Whether in your excersise equipment, your stroller, your tractor, your lawn furniture, your RV, your pool furniture, your beach chair, your movie theater seat, your childs car seat, your boat,your golf cart, your....... well you get the picture- just about everywhere.


And by using the KAZ e KUP® portable cup holder you can improve the function of each and every one of them by holding more size containers securely and making clean ups easier.

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 If there is no cup holder where  you wish you had one you can now simply add one by using one of the KAZ e KUP® accessories. Choose from one of our awesome accessory items and use your new cup holder ANYWHERE!

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With the easy to use, slip in accessories, your KAZ e KUP® portable cup holder is ready to be used anywhere you want a great cup holder close by. Perfect for the beach, your work shop, the RV, your boat, for camping and tailgating, or anywhere you can dream of.
This one of a kind cup holder is guaranteed for 6 Months to keep you satisfied or your money back! It's as simple as that.

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