The most versatile cup holder ever created!

RV, Camping, Boat, Golf Cart, Fishing and Beach CUP HOLDER
        The KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder   
The perfect accessory for any camper, beach goer, sporting enthusiast, Tailgater, musician, hunter, boater, Rv'er and MORE.
Read on below and you will quickly see how the KAZ e KUP® can be used
 Everywhere and Anywhere.
We challenge you to let us know where it can't be used!!


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There is no better drink holder on the market! Guaranteed for 180 days!

Whether you are an RV'er,
weekend camper, fisherman, boater, hunter,
bum, Golfer, Tailgater, or musician
 the KAZ e KUP®Portable Cup Holder
has a use for you!
It all really starts when you slip your KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder into your current cup holder on the way to your next destination. Regardless of if your driving your RV, your Boat, your 4-wheel truck, your Golf cart, or your Automobile, the 
KUP® Portable Cup Holder will provide it's unique support and
spill catching and storing abilities along the way.


Simply slip the KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder in ANY existing cup holder and let it do its job.
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AND that's really just the beginning!

Once you have gotten to your destination the KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder is ready to be used in and around the campsite, fishing hole, riverbed, beach, or treestand to hold your drink better than any other cup holder.


Simply attach one of the accessories to the base of the KAZ e KUP®  and you can use this awesome cup holder ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE!

By adding the BEACH POLE™  you can enjoy your  KAZ e KUP® portable cup holder at the beach or your favorite fishing spot.
Simply push the BEACH POLE™ in the ground and slide your KAZ e KUP® portable cupholder right on top.
Made to hold 1, 2 or 4 KAZ e KUPS® the BEACH POLE™ is a great addition for every outing.


The KAZ e KUP® is guaranteed to make your visit to the beach better by providing the perfect place to hold all your beverages.

Keeping your drink out of the Hot Messy Sand and close by at all times will
Never be a problem again!

The  KAZ e KUP® will keep your drinks fresh, clean, and ready to be enjoyed all day long allowing you to enjoy a perfect day at the beach. When you are on the boat add the KAZ e KUP® to your boat cup holders and keep them clean.


Add The accessories to your KAZ e KUP® and
 create a cup holder for every application.


The CAMPING STAKE™, another unique feature to the system, is used for areas where the ground may be harder to penetrate. The perfect addition for your next campout, festival, or day at the park, the CAMPING STAKE™ makes using your KAZ e KUP® portable cup holder simple at any outing.
Quickly push the CAMPING STAKE™ into the ground, Put your KAZ e KUP® on top and your Ready to Relax!


Use it at the beach too!
Hold all your favorite beverages in this awesome new cup holder at your next outing and keep them where they belong-right along side you!
You can buy a set of different colors so you always know who's drink is who's.
 For EVERYWHERE else you ever wanted a great new cup holder, there is the Kaz e STAND, perfect for around the house, campsite, or tailgate party and the KAZ e KLAMP that can handle any job. Or try the magnet adapter and apply it to any metal surface and create a new holder or storage area with ease.
Now there isn't anywhere you can't have your drink close by

The KAZ e KUP® portable cup holder is truly the most versatile cup holder system in the world!


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