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Each KAZeKUP Regularly  $12.95
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Each KAZ e KUP
NOW ONLY $9.95
*Buy 2 Get one Free!!*
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 added to your cart.
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Add one of the KAZeKUP accessories to your order
 and use your KAZ e KUP® anywhere.

"Shorty" Beach Pole
Measures 7 3/4"

Measures 16 1/2"

Tailgate Stand™

$2.50 $4.50 $12.00


Add a beach Pole to your KAZeKUP and take your KAZeKUP to the beach with you.
Easily attach the tailgate stand to the bottom of your beach pole and you can place
 the KAZeKUP right beside you no matter where you are.


90 Degree

Camping stake

$8.00 $9.00 $5

Add the KAZeKLAMP and attach your KAZeKUP to your favorite chair, a deck railing or a microphone stand. 
Keep your beverage close by at all times.
The camping stake is a great gift idea for every camper.

 Double pole
  Standard Magnet adapter
  horizontal surface mount

 90 Degree magnet adapter
vertical surface mount

 $9.95  $8.50 $9.50

The Magnetic adapter has quickly become a favorite accessory
 for use on tractors, around machinery, on toolboxes and more!

The Double pole for the beach is a great new addition to our accessory package.
You will love sharing this with a friend or using it to store all
you items like your sun glasses, tanning lotion and keys.

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