The most versatile cup holder ever created!

KAZ e KUP- holds a LARGE DRINK better than any other Cup holder

The KAZ e KUP® Portable DRINK Holder Insert    
A great addition to any car, boat,truck or RV CUP HOLDER by converting it to carry LARGE DRINK sizes that you often want, but can't fit in your current inefficient CUP HOLDERS.

Are you tired of carrying your large drink between your legs because your cup holder was not designed to carry large drink containers?


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The Kaz e KUP® Portable Cup Holder  Fits in just about any existing Cup Holder and allows it to hold more size drinks! Large drinks or small drinks! 
Designed to hold BIG DRINKS like the BIG GULP and other large soda and slush containers just as well as the regular size drinks, the KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder easily accepts the wider bases of these large drink containers while providing the support and stability required to keep all your drinks from toppling over. Even your very large drink.
Conveniently placed in your existing Cup holder the KAZ e KUP® will instantly transform your cup holder into one that can handle all size containers with ease.


This amazing cup holder
even holds a 32 OZ sport drink.

The 32 OZ sport drink is held in position by the support fins around the top of the
 KAZ e KUP® providing proper support to the base of a large sport drink and keeping it from tipping over or rolling around in your car.

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Are you tired of your large drink not fitting in your current cup holder properly? Or maybe you have been frustrated by your large drink toppling over and causing a mess on you or in your cup holder or all over the surrounding area as you round a corner or come to a sudden stop.
These problems can quickly be a thing of the past by simply inserting the KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder into your existing cup holder and allowing it to instantly improve it's function.
  6 Month Guarantee!


Not Only does the KAZ e KUP® hold your large drink better than any other cup holder on the market but it also provides it's amazing spill and condensation catching abilities for these over-sized drink containers just as well as it does for the smaller cups, cans, bottles, juice boxes.....etc, that the KAZ e KUP® Portable Cup Holder has been designed to carry so well.
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