The most versatile cup holder ever created!

KAZeKUP Accessories

Now It Is Easy to Add Accessories to Your KAZ e KUP® Cup Holder and
  Use the KAZ e KUP® Ultimate Cup Holder ANYWHERE!

We mean ANYWHERE!!
  Check out how easy it is to add our accessories to your KAZeKUP® ultimate cup holder
and have a cup holder anywhere you ever wanted.


 Cup Holder

  Camping Stake
Cup Holder

 Tailgate stand
Cup Holder

Cup Holder

Imagine being able to have your favorite beverage close by all the time.

  You probably already know that the KAZ e KUP® was originally created to fit into
 and  improve the cup holder in your car, truck, RV, boat and more. There is even more great news. You can use the KAZ e KUP® anywhere a cup holder is needed. 

  Now its easy to use your KAZ e KUP®  in your work shop, in the garden, in your office, on your deck, at the beach, at little league practice, tailgate parties......ANYWHERE!

Its easy to add accessories to the KAZ e KUP and there are so many to choose from that we know

  you will find just the right fit for your situation.

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 You may already know that the KAZ e KUP® works great to improve the cup holders in your vehicles.

But did you know that's just the beginning

Now you can add accessories to your KAZ e KUP® and use your KAZeKUP® cup holder anywhere.

The video to the left will give you some great ideas on how helpful the KAZeKUP® can be to solve the problem of where to put your drink.

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This list of benefits of the KAZeKUP® Ultimate Cup Holder goes on and on

Lets Start with what the KAZeKUP®  does when
placed  in your Car Cup Holder, Truck Cup Holder, Boat Cup Holder, RV Cup Holder and more.

The KAZ e KUP® instantly convert your cup holders to hold more size drinks, Stop topple overs, catch spills and drips and keep your auto's cup holders clean!

Dishwasher Safe and Portable make clean ups a snap.

Click Here to see how the KAZeKUP® holds The Spills


Here is a little info about each of the accessories.
This should be helpful in choosing the best accessories for your KAZeKUP®.

Beach Cup Holder

The beach pole simply slips into the bottom of the KAZ e KUP® Cup Holder when you get to the beach. Push the Beach Pole in the sand and add the KAZ e KUP® Cup Holder to the top and enjoy your drink at the beach. The beach pole comes in 7 3/4" length and the KAZePOLE is 16" long

Now your drink will stay clean at the beach
and always near by.

Camping Cup Holder

The Camping Stake adapter is great for any outing.

Push the camping stake in the ground, add your favorite color KAZeKUP®, and enjoy the perfect cup holder right where you need one. along side you. Great for camping, picnicking, or going to festivals.

If you love the great outdoors  this is the accessory for you.
Magnetic Cup Holder Adapter
 (Vertical Mount)

The 90 Degree Magnetic Cup Holder adapter quickly and securely attached to metal items like your tool box, file cabinet, washer or dryer, or any other metal surface.

The 90 degree magnet is for attaching to vertical surfaces.
Magnetic Cup Holder adapter
 (Horizontal Mount)

The Standard Magnet adapter is made for horizontal surfaces that are made of metal. Use the standard Magnet adapter to add the KAZ e KUP® cup holder to your tractor, heavy equipment, fork truck and more! 

1" Spring Clamp (Standard Mount)

If you need a stable place to securely hold your drink the 1" spring clamp may be the perfect option for you to attach to your KAZ e KUP® Cup Holder. The Spring clamp is a great way to add a cup holder wherever you need one.

 Clip it in your car, in your shop, or in your RV and keep your drink close by.

1" Spring Clamp (90 degree mount)

When you need to clip onto a vertical surface you will want to use the 1" - 90 degree spring clamp.

The perfect addition to every musicians equipment.  Quickly Clips to mic stands, Drum Kits and more.

The Tailgate Stand

The Tailgate stand is a 4 way leg system that easily dismantles for carrying.

Add the pole length of your choice and top it with your KAZeKUP® and keep your cup holder near by at all times.

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