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You will find below many "real" testimonials that we have been receiving from our customers from all over the world. Please send your comments to Customerservice@kazekup.com


Hey, excellent product, exactly what the market is missing. I have been looking for something like this for the last month or so and there is nothing like it on any store shelves-Really frustrating! Kudos to you! Thanks and keep up the good work.
Rockaway Beach, OR

To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: cup holder

This cup is nuts! All the spills go in the bottom of the KUP. It fits all sizes of cans and bottles firmly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What an outstanding product. You should go public!

I just ordered two more!

Henderson, NV
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Thanks again

Thank you. I appreciate your great customer service. It makes me want to shop with you again. It is nice to find someone who gets that. :)

Nacogdoches, TX

To: kaz@kazekup.com

Awsome!! Just as easy as 1....2....3!!

Center, CO

Subject: KUPS

Love the cup holders!! They look great in my golf cart. Thanks!

Harrisonburg, VA


From:Amy <a-m-y@hawaii.rr.com>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: kaze kup

I couldn't find this type of cup holder anywhere in Hawaii. I'm so glad I found your web site. Great item, sturdy, & well made.
Thanks again,
Honolulu, Hawaii


From: "Paul Tucker"<tuckermerch@email.com>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: cup holder

This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. NO MORE SPILLS!
Alta Loma, CA

From: Mitch Gield<record@mdrstudios.net>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: great idea!

All I can say is, The Kaz-E-Kup has saved my recording studio from spills time and time again! It is true that this is the greatest cup holder ever!
MDR studios
Wappinger Falls

From: "bernadette Schopfer"<bschopfer@charter.net>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Order

Wow! what a great product! I am always on the lookout for interesting presents for teachers, coaches, co-workers, etc. at holiday time and this will fill the bill and then some this year. Thanks for making my holiday gift giving interesting and easy this year!!
Sherman, CT

To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: cup holder

the kaz-e-kup is a savior in the recording studio and on stage...I have a kaz-e-kup on each of the mic stands to hold our drinks...no more knocking my drink over when i am using pedals...thank you kaz-e-kup for eliminating the fear of wet electronics...
Steve Shaver
Buffalo, NY

From:"Deborah, Cavaliere"<deborah@theinfopro.net>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: cup holder

I first purchased my kazekup in March. I absolutely love it! it's a perfect fit for my 2005 Honda Accord. i can't tell you how many overturned cups of coffee that poor car was subject to prior to getting the kazEkup. I think all cars should have them as a standard item when purchased. My husband loves it too- much less work for him when cleaning my car!
Thanks kazEkup
Hunter Mt, NY

From:"Morrella, Louis"<louis.morrella@labor.state.ny.us>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Kaz Kup cup holder

I use my KAZeKUP every day going to work, it fits perfect in my car. I also use it in my back yard for the horse shoe pits. i just stick the assembly in the ground and four of my friends use it every w-end. When I go to the beach I take it along with me to keep my drink out of the sand.
Mahopac, NY

From: Laurieflan61@yahoo.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Feedback on cup holder

I absolutely love my kazekup! I don't have a cup holder in my car so I clip my kazekup to my ashtray. Now I have a great holder for my coffee every morning. I also use the pole to put my kazekup on while I am in the garden. It's awsome! Thanks.
Laurie in LaGrange, ME


From: mpreston@yahoo.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: www.kazekup.com

 I love my kaz-e-kup. I use it every day with no coffee stains in my car.
Michele Fetzer

From: "Morrow,Anthony M"<anthony.morrow@ubs.com>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: my new cup holder

I love my kazekup! It is so convenient for me when I am driving on the highway and can't take my eyes off the road to look at where I am setting my drink. It fits and matches my interior so perfect that my friends actually thought it was a feature of my car. Thanks Kazekup!
Jersey City, NJ

From: linda0co@midmaine.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
subject: kazekup cup holder

My husband said "this fits slicker than sh#t" when he put his new kazekup in his trucks cup holder.We both love our new Kups. Great idea.
Linda and Marty O

From: "Louise Rhoda"<lrhoda@cook.sad41.k12.me.us>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Kup

What a sales lady that sister of yours is.....she is selling these to people all over the great state of Maine. They really are a great cup. My husband just got his tonight and said it will work great in his mixer truck. Thanks for the great saleslady up here in Maine.
Milo, ME

From: "Karolsi, Margaret"<mkarolski@ccac.edu>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: testimimonial

This is a fabulous product, it is so practical and useful especially in the morning when I stop to get my coffee on my way to work
Love my kaz e kup!

From: "McGinnis, Rebecca"<mcginnisrl@sherwood-oaks.net>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: kazecup cup holder

I received a kaz-e-kup for Christmas and it was one of my favorite gifts! No more spilled coffee as I make my way to work on the snow covered Pittsburgh roads. it's also great for holding change and other misc. items. I love the color too!  what a great invention. Thanks!
Pittsburgh PA

From: rcvolkman@comcast.net
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: Great gift

I received my kazekup as a Christmas gift and all I can say is...what a great product!! no more spills in my Neon even with a super sized drink.
Thank you kaz e kup!!!

From: clevelandrichard@bellsouth.net
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: thanks KAZeKUP

We just got our new sea foam green KazeKup and my kids can't wait till they give it to their Dad for Christmas.  Love the color and the name!!!! Thanks!!!!
The Clevelends
Gold Hill, NC

From :"Frankie"<frank.mongelli@westchbp.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: : Love my kaz e kup cup holder

Great Product.  I gave my kaz e kup to a friend to try in his 2005 vet, He loves it.  When I got in my Tahoe I missed it so bad coming out of the gym throwing my water bottle in it.  I had to order another one. I LOVE IT!!!!!
Poughquag NY


From: "Harold G"<hgiglio@optonline.net>
To: Kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: kazekup cup holder

I just tested out my Kaz  E Kup and it works great! I use it in my work shop, and never have to look for my drink.  Great Idea!!!

Harry Giglio

From: "Allmashy,Tina"<tina_allmashy@glic.com>
To: KazeKup.com
Subject: KAZEKUP

It's wonderful!! The KAZ e KUP fits perfectly in my car, like a glove.  My truck is so much cleaner now that my drinks don't spill all over.

Danbury, CT

From: Toots4650@aol.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: www.kazekup.com feedback

What a great product! I used mine at the beach.. it was great. It is just fantastic in the car...no more spills.I am ordering a bunch for Christmas.  All of my family and friends want one!  GREAT WEBSITE! GREAT INVENTION!!

From: Skydvbob@aol.com
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: kazekup cup holder

What can I say? I'm surprised someone hasn't invented this sooner. It would be perfect if you could rig it up with a little parachute :-)

Skydive Bob
Gardiner, NY


From: "Fred & Susan"<fredsq@midmaine.com>
To: www.kazekup.com
Subject: KazeKup

Great looking website! I think the Kaz E Kup is a great idea! Great Pictures!  Clear and detailed information about the product!


From: "Davo"<dave.erkinger@napg.net>
To: www.kazekup.com
Subject: My new Kaz e Kup cup holder

This thing rocks!!! All kidding aside, I've never been one for little trinkets or gimmicks but this thing is worth it.  I've got a pick up truck that likes to bounce all over the road. Although I could care less about my carpet, it has kept many a coffee (or whatever) stains off of it...MORE IMPORTANTLY... it has kept many of the coffee stains off of the driver and his radio!!!! The Kaz-e-Klamp has been quite the nifty little accessory as well.  I've got it holding up the "The Kup" in my truck now but can't wait to get that thing clamped onto my mic stand at my next show!!!

What can I say.... I usually let the simple things go by without mention....but I got to give props when and where they are due!!!

Dave Erkinger
Poughkeepsie NY


From: "T"<tmuatfi@aol.com>
Subject: The Kaz e Kup

I love my KAZ E KUP's.  I can finally keep a water bottle in my cup holder without having to worry about it falling out and bouncing all over the front of my car.  It is right there at my finger tips when I'm ready for it.  My cup holder is a low ring so coffee cups have a tendency to tip over -- not anymore --  now that I have my KAZ e KUP.  I even have one on my desk at work that I keep my good-luck stuffed animal in.  I can't even imagine being without them now...

Fishkill, NY

To: Kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: cup holder

Yes it's true... I LOVE IT.. It's so nice not to have to worry about driving to fast around corners or over bumps and having your coffee spill.. Keeps everything so much cleaner... My old car had perminent coffee stains on the carpet that I could never get off... I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about that anymore!!!

Buffy Bishop
Pine Bush, America

From: "Morrow,David"<dvejm98@aol.com>
To: kaz@kazekup.com
Subject: awesome

Just wanted to tell you, I used my KAZ E KUP for the first time today and it was GREAT!!! .. it fits great in my car and my dunkin donuts small coffee  fits great in it!!!  I don't have to worry about any spillage FINALLY!!  ....  Also, last night i was washing my car and putting back a few beers during the process, and to my delight, my Bud light can fits wonderful in it as well!!!!

Thank you KAZ e KUP
David M
Madison NJ

*Customer Testimonials*
Please send your comments to kaz@kazekup.com
Your thoughts and feedback help us better serve you.
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