The most versatile cup holder ever created!

Clip On Cup Holder

Multi Purpose "Clip on" Cup Holder
Another Great Way To Use Your KAZeKUP® Cup Holder.

The KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder can easily clip on in many useful places.

Simply attach the KAZeKLAMP™ 1" spring clamp to the bottom of your KAZeKUP and you can use this convenient Cup Holder as a Clip On Cup Holder just about anywhere.

Clip On Cup Holder

By Simply adding the  KAZeKLAMP 1" spring clamp to your KAZeKUP you can use this Clip on Cup Holder in many new places.

  If your not already aware of all the great benefits to the KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder we encourage you to browse our web pages and learn more about what it can do.
You will be amazed at all the uses this durable and useful Cup Holder has.

The KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder Holds Just about any size drinks, even large soda cups and sports drinks
and it catches spills, drips and condensation and stores the mess away from your drink.

The KAZeKUP Clip On Cup Holder is  available in a
  "Horizontal Mount" and "Vertical Mount"
Shown Below

The KAZeKLAMP™ easily attaches to your KAZeKUP®

 "Standard Clamp"
For Horizontal Surfaces

 "90 Degree Clamp"

For Vertical Surfaces

Standard Clamp
Black KUP Package

90 Degree Clamp
Black Kup Package

Order your KAZeKUP Cup Holder  and KAZeKLAMP Clamp Package Deal Here
 or go to our
   BUY NOW page for other options

Easily Clip Your Cup Holder just about anywhere and enjoy having your favorite beverage close by

There are lots of great ways to use this
 Amazingly Universal Cup Holder

The Clip On Cupholder accessory shown above is only one of the many
 accessories that can be used with your KAZeKUP.

Be sure to view our other pages and see how to the KAZeKUP can be used as a magnetic cup holder, a beach cup holder, a tailgating cup holder, camping cup holder, Boating Cup Holder, well.....
 Use it Everywhere.

Did you know that the KAZeKUP was originally created to fit in your cars cup holders to improve their function?

   Before there were accessories there was simply the KAZeKUP.

The Ultimate CupHolder

Built to be the most functional cup holder available. Made to fit in any autos cup holders and catch spills and drips.

  After creating the KAZeKUP we quickly realized we needed a easy way to allow this amazing cup holder be used in many more ways than just for the car. Now with the addition of the accessories the KAZeKUP Universal Cup Holder can be use almost anywhere.

If you haven't not already please check out some of the other great ways to use your KAZeKUP
The accessories are Interchangeable and easily apply to the bottom of the KAZeKUP

Used in Your Car, Boat, Tractor and More

Magnetic Cup Holder

Beach Cup Holder

Camping Cup Holder

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